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What is Liquid Contract Trading?

Contract trading is a form of derivatives trading. You purchase a contract for an asset rather than the asset itself. You can make a potential net profit by predicting either the rise or fall of prices in the rapidly changing global financial markets (or products) such as stocks, foreign exchange, and digital currencies. Through contract trading, Pro-traders can profit from the price changes of assets but avoid the risk of actually owning assets. This unique feature is a convenient trading tool in volatile markets like digital currencies, allowing Pro-traders to maximize profits from daily price fluctuations. The concept of "Liquid Contract" trading was first proposed globally by the MoonXBT team. When contrasted with conventional contract trading, MoonXBT's Liquid Contract is "simple, fast and easy to understand". It is a pioneering streamlined trading product "everyone can understand and use in seconds".

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Why Choose to Trade MoonXBT's Liquid Contracts?

  • Transparent price chart

    Based on the spot price of the top cryptocurrency exchange, real-time weighted average.

  • High liquidity

    Unparalleled liquidity solutions. No need to wait. Orders filled in milliseconds.

  • High leverage

    Up to 150x. If the spot price rises by 1%, profit rises by 150%.

  • Low fees

    Our fee rate is as low as 0.05%, and MoonXBT Points can be used to further reduce.

  • Easy entry

    Start trading with just 1 USDT.

  • Extremely simple

    Just pay attention to margin, leverage, and market trends. No complicated terms.

Why Us?

  • New demo mode

    Plenty of trading bonuses. Zero cost and no risks to get started.

  • Fully functional

    Take-profit/Stop-loss/Trigger orders to increase your profit.

  • High security

    Two-factor authentication (2FA). Multi-signature, cold wallets with encrypted assets.

  • Low risk

    MoonXBT's risk control system and the insurance fund go hand in hand, eliminating account deficits.

  • Professional multi-screen trading

    The WEB client supports a multi-screen trading view tailored for experienced Pro-traders.

  • Exclusive rewards for new users

    Register to get a trading bonus of 35 USDT.

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